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I want to THANK YOU so much!! After 11 months we found our cat through your website. He was just 2 miles away & showed up at someone's back porch eating their cat food. I received an email from your website about a possible cat match & it was our cat Jeffrey! We are amazed and so thankful. He is sitting here right now as if he never left. He's purring too!


Ashley P.

Our family cat went missing at the end of October. We put up flyers and joined many networks to help find our kitty. I received a call one night in early December while I was at work. My family was a little skeptical because it was the second phone call of the day stating that someone spotted our cat. I called the man back and he described our cat to me. He said he went to Tabby Tracker and compared the picture to our cat- and he felt it was a match. He texted me pictures and it was our cat! We drove to the house of the family and neighbors that cared for our cat when he showed up at their door step a couple of weeks earlier. Our cat was well care for by the families and returned it great condition. The cat was rather far from our house so we believe he was relocated by someone. But luckily Tabby Tracker and our heroes from Martinsville were kind enough to find our cat's way back home.

Thank you everyone who helped get our cat back home.

Kate O.

My 18 y.o. indoor Jezebel decided she wanted to do a "walkabout" without letting us know. We have never collared her or chipped her so I was frantic that I would never see her again I didn't know what to do. I contacted the local agencies and then stumbled upon Tabby Tracker. Sure enough, a neighbor down the block and across the road heard an incessant meowing and opened her door to Jezebel who "insisted" on coming inside. The wonderful neighbor lady couldn't accommodate a cat and dropped her off at our local shelter. She posted a picture and description of Jezzie on your website and we were matched the same day, although I didn't read the email until the next morning.

Without your website I may have never seen my lovely and spirited Jezzie who I have enjoyed the past 18 years with. Thanks so much!!

Sara S.

Our Cat, Apollo, hopped in a neighbors car. I guess he wanted to go for a ride! My neighbor drove around doing errands and decided to get his car detailed. When the cleaners opened the back of the Suburban to vacuum it out Apollo got scared and ran away. This is approximately 5 miles from our home and it happened on November 8th, 2012. We searched day and night for him. I came across Tabby Tracker while looking for shelters that might have picked him up. I placed Apollo in the lost section. I had a few hits, but no Apollo. I took a chance on January 6th, 2 months later, to look in the found section of Tabby Tracker. And sure enough! Someone had Apollo and decided to post his picture. I couldn’t sleep! I contacted the lady, went to her home, and there was Apollo in a loving home. I knew it was him right away and broke down into tears. I was so happy. The couple that took Apollo in had a little girl. She called him Beauty. I promised to bring Apollo and my 2 girls over to meet the family that took such good care of him while he was lost.

Thank you so much to the inventor of Tabby Tracker for all his help!

Thanks again.


Bryan A.

First time I used this service and I am so very HAPPY to say that my sweet, little, (pre-teen) kitty is HOME! He suffers from "I can do anything" syndrome. So when he scooted out the door in a flash; I am sure he had no idea what the next 28 hours and all the darkness and cold was about to present! THANK YOU again for having such an easy to use and FREE service. Just having some where to channel all those scary thoughts was a great help during that sleepless night. BLESS YOU!

Deb R.

I posted the ad and less than a half an hour later, I received notice that my cat may have been found. It was him! He was hiding under my neighbor's staircase. He was gone less than 24 hours and he's already home! I'm very happy and he's going to be spoiled for a couple days!

Christina D.

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